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Creating Bronze Art Castings

The following pictures and descriptions show the process of creating a "Bas-Relief" Three Dimensional Logo from design, setup, casting and through the finishing process. Although not all the steps are shown in detail, this will give you a summarized idea of the work that goes into creating truly unique, high quality and durable solid cast bronze plaques and logos.


master carving make a mold box
pour the silicone mold rubber

Master Pattern

First step is to create the main pattern of the logo. We have a master carver create all of our reliefs with actual wood for the deepest detail possible.



In order to manufacture parts efficiently and avoid damaging the master we make reproductions of the carving. We enclose the master in a temporary box to pour the silicone rubber mold.

Pouring Silicone Rubber

Look, so easy a team of 4 year olds can do it! Pour a thin stream of rubber into the mold to avoid creating bubbles on the surface of the silicone rubber master. Then let sit overnight until hard.


master mold and pattern
master plastic parts poured setup pattern board

Master vs. Reproduction

Now that we have a reversed part of the original we can use this rubber mold to pour additional parts in plastic to setup our main sand molding pattern board.

Plastic part Creation

We use a 2 part plastic that makes creating parts quick and simple. Some minor touch-up and quality check, then into the pattern shop they go for final setup.


Pattern Board Setup

The size, shape and amount of detail in each casting will determine how many parts we setup to run on the pattern. In this case there are 4 parts being made per mold. We call this a "4-on".

making a sand mold
pouring mold
rough bronze casting shakeout

Sand Mold Creation

Port City uses a variety of sand molding techniques. For this process we are using greensand molding with hand ramming for detail and a jolt squeeze machine in an aluminum snap flask.


Bronze Pouring

Once a full line of parts is ready we melt bronze in a crucible and prepare to pour it into the sand molds. Bronze is heated to 2250 degrees F. We run two gas furnaces and pour a variety of bronze and aluminum alloys.


Shakeout Castings

Once the castings are poured we allow adequate time for cooling before we "shakeout" the sand molds, and removing the parts. All our sand is reconditioned and used again to make more molds. Then onto casting, cutoff and cleanup.

painting or oxidize
satin polish logos
assemble bronze parts


After all the castings have been cutoff, snag grinded, drilled/tapped, sandblasted and prepped they enter the paint room. In this process we are adding a thin coat of black paint which will then be highlighted with a satin buffing wheel.


Satin Polishing

With Bas-Relief logos we must highlight the detail within the part. This is a very skilled operation that requires attention to all details of the part. With a buffing wheel and special compound we polish the metal surface to a bright sheen.


After all the parts are buffed they re-enter paint to get a final undercoat and clear coat sealant, then baked in our industrial ovens. Once cooled, parts enter the assembly and shipping area for a final QC, assembly and packaging.

all assembled and ready
finished part

Assembled Parts to Ship

After parts are assembled they get a final QC check, counted for accuracy and packaged for shipment to the customer. In this case the customer is Donald Trump's course in Jupiter, FL.


Finished Parts with Bas- Relief Attached

Three dimensional Bas-Relief logos add to the casting something that no other process can acheive. This is the ultimate way to display your logo, photo or other graphic elements with the timeless look of cast bronze.

my family to yours
To Mr. Trump & The Prestwick Golf Group, from my family to yours we truly appreciate your business and we enjoy working on all your projects.